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Free yourself from pain and symptoms and experience a better life through better healing

Pain and symptoms keep people from engaging fully in their life. We start with a thorough exam and then lay out a clear plan to correct the CAUSE of your health problems to restore your body’s ability to heal itself so that you and your family can feel better, function better, minimize medications, and regain the freedom to live your life without pain or dys-function. 

Dr. Steve Nagel, founder of 180 Health Solutions is one of the most trusted chiropractor and weight loss center in Mandan, North Dakota also serving Bismarck, North Dakota. He is also Mandan and Morton County's only Certified Chiropractic Wellness Lifestyle Practitioner. With an interest in family health, Dr. Nagel treats jaw pain, headaches, ear infections, ADHD, Fibromyalgia, car accident injuries, head and neck pain as well as helps residents meet their weight loss goals. Passionate about helping his patients see the "30,000 foot view" of their health, Dr. Nagel has been using postgraduate training in pediatric chiropractic and his Wellness Lifestyle Certification to treat patients since 2011.

A native of North Dakota, Dr. Nagel graduated from the University of Mary in 2002 where he received his Bachelors of Science in Nursing. After a year and a half of working in the ICU, he went on to the Doctorate of Chiropractic program in Davenport, Iowa where he graduated as the Salutatorian of the Palmer College of Chiropractic. After practicing in Colorado for three years, Dr. Nagel returned home to North Dakota to open 180 Health Solutions.

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Here's How to Get Started Healing

1. Request an appointment.

We do our best to make sure we are available when you are. Same-day appointments are often available.

2. Figure out what is wrong and create a recovery plan.

Each body is unique. Our plans are unique to every patient and treatment is based on case findings, evidence, our experience, and your preferences and goals. This includes a consultation with the doctor, and examination, and x-rays if necessary. The doctor will then take the time to review your case.

3. Case report. It is important that you understand what is causing your health problem.

At your next appointment, the doctor will have a clear idea of what type of treatment you will need, how long it will take, and also a good idea of what your financial responsibility will be. Your doctor will cover this with you. We recommend you bring anyone who helps you make your health care decisions to this visit.

4. Begin healing, feeling better, and getting back to the life you desire!

The hardest part is often taking the first step! This means treatment, rehab exercises, and potentially other healing modalities.

What we offer


180 Weight Loss Solutions

In today’s society, “lose weight quick!” schemes are running rampant. Weight loss programs have become more and more of a one size fits all, leaving numerous people frustrated with the results. We take an effective and medically sound approach to weight loss. Our health professionals work with you to form a customized weight loss program that meets your needs.

Our weight loss programs include:
  • Personal attention from health professionals
  • Results!
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Insurance Accepted

180 Family Chiropractic is in network with Blue Cross Blue Shield, Sanford Health, Medicaid and Medicare. If we are out of network with your policy, we will help you to submit to your insurance carrier. We also have plans that make care affordable if you do not have insurance. We accept all auto carriers when treating patients after automobile accidents.

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