Patient Stories

Insomnia, Mood, Learning, Behavior Development

Sarah - Gets Her Children Back, As Well as Her Life

The best way I can describe what my life is like today is “amazing”. My children are completely different and I believe coming to Nagel Family Chiropractic was the best decision that I could have made. My children have a future at this point and are able to comprehend and hold a conversation. Both my children were in my brother’s wedding this past weekend and were able to act calmly, dress nice, and be very pleasant to guests. They were able to look people in the eye, be nice and have intelligent conversation. I was so amazed I couldn’t stop staring at them. I think I’m still in shock.

What was life like before coming to Nagel Family Chiropractic and Wellness?

My children have been on some kind of ADHD medication for the past 12-15 years. Teachers, counselors, neighbors, family friends, and just about everyone that had met or taken care of my children said they needed to be medicated. For a while I didn’t listen to my instincts and just went with what the doctors had told me needed to be done. My kids were either bouncing off the walls or so drugged up that they may have well been smoking pot. The worst day is when I gave my son, who was 8 years old at the time, his new medication and all he could do is lay down in the back seat of my car, drooling on the seat. The doctor had told me it was because his body hadn’t gotten used to it yet. I felt so guilty. I felt as though I was poisoning my children at the request of the doctor and teachers. I admit that they were a hand full when they weren’t medicated but it was just so obvious that they weren’t able to function in school or socially without the medication. My children were taking speed to wake up in the morning and heart medication at night to sleep. I felt hopeless. My children would talk to me but it was like having two separate conversations going at the same time. They would forget what I told them to do the second after I told them to do it.

I was just like them. My mind wouldn’t shut off and I always felt like I was in go mode. Even when I was able to stay still and focus, or maybe just relax I always felt guilty like there was a drive to do something and that I was some kind of a bad person for sitting down. My memory was shot and I was unable to see any task through without multitasking about five things. I didn’t want to be around my family much because I always felt overwhelmed and unable to handle the stress of home life. I would just ignore the mess because It was overwhelming and I didn’t want to deal with anything. I had been on different medications and had started taking meds to dull my nerves because the doctor told me I had a bad heart and that I had fibromyalgia. He told me that I would most likely have to be on medications for the rest of my life. That depressed me, everything overwhelmed me, so I was put on more medication for depression. That worked for a couple of weeks then the depression kicked back in. I wanted to be anywhere but where I was, but didn’t want to go anywhere or do anything.

Had I not started coming to Dr. Steve, in five or ten years, nothing would have changed. My children gave up on school. They were withdrawn and violent toward each other. Qualities that I’m sure would have carried over into their adult life. I didn’t have any hope for their future and was truly worried about it. I seemed to care way more than they ever did. My daughter has been able to get a license for a while now and had no desire to get one. She didn’t care about even coming out of her room.

If your thinking about following chiropractic care, DO IT!!!! Life has hope and a lightness about it today. Dr. Steve gave me children that I never knew existed. I am truly amazed and the transformation and will tell everyone to get of the medicine marry-go-round and get adjusted. It wasn’t only our spines that were adjusted, it was our lives.

Ear Infections, Wellness Approach to Health

Kara - Proactively pursuing health, wellness and vitality

Immunity, Ear Infections, Sicknesses

“For Kara, there was no life before chiropractic. She was a home-born VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean) baby who had her first adjustment on her 5th day of life and has been receiving chiropractic care ever since. As a newborn, she slept well, ate well and rarely spit up- perhaps that was due to the chiropractic care she received. Teething was a breeze and the first few teeth popped up without many of the classic unpleasant teething symptoms. To this day, Kara (now 19 months) has never had an ear infection and never had a need for antibiotics- unlike most kids her age. She is also rarely sick, with mild stomach bugs and mild colds being all she’s come down with. She is a strong and lively little girl with no sense of fear. That being said, she falls a lot! We take her in to get adjusted to keep her healthy and strong through her little thrill-seeking adventures. Before meeting Dr. Steve, I didn’t know that children and babies could get adjusted. But now I’d recommend it for everyone! I’ve seen my own children thrive with chiropractic care. Unlike their young little peers, they are free from ear-infections and frequent illnesses. They are free from a system that only chases symptoms whose only tool in response is drugs to mask the symptoms. Chiropractic care gets kids off on the right start to life!”

***Note from Dr.Steve: I was actually in North Dakota when Kara was born! (she is a practice member from Colorado)

The WHY behind the HOW
Antibiotics and Aspirin—Unsafe and Ineffective
“88 percent of children with Otitis Media never needed antibiotics, and antibiotics did not shorten the lifespan of the disease.” Diamant, M., Diamant, B., Abuse and timing of use of antibiotics in acute otitis media, Archives of Otolaryngology, 1074, 226-232.

“The use of antibacterials in the first year of life is associated with the subsequent development of asthma.” The study indicated that infants who receive antibiotics in their first year of life are more likely to develop asthma by age 7, and multiple courses of the drugs boost the risk more. Does Antibiotic Exposure During Infancy Lead to Development of Asthma? Chest Journal2006;129;610-618

“Giving the child aspirin or acetaminophen (Tylenol) to ease the discomfort actually may lead to more infection, which in turn may take longer to heal. If Cortisone is used (in a nasal spray, for instance), the child’s supply of zinc may be depleted, and he’ll be less capable of fighting off future infections.”The Doctor’s People, A Medical Newsletter for Consumers, Vol.4, #1, Jan.1991.

Tubes aren’t the answer either!!!
“Controlled studies have shown that when both ears are infected, and a tube is inserted in only one of them, the outcome for both ears is almost identical. Meanwhile, the procedure itself carries many risks and side effects. Justified as a means of preventing hearing loss, tympanostomy can cause scarring and hardening of the eardrum, with resulting hearing loss. Incredibly, one of the side effects of this procedure, performed to cure recurrent otitis media, is acute otitis media.” How to Raise a Healthy Child in Spite of Your Doctor, Robert S. Mendelsohn, M.D “Dr. Gutman and Dr. Biedermann, two German researchers, examined hundreds of newborn infants and concluded that, “an unhealthy spine at birth causes lowered resistance to infection, especially ear, nose, and throat infection.” Gutman, G., Blocked Atlantal Nerve Syndromes in Babies and Infants, Manuelle Medizin,1987

“Dr. Gutman and Dr. Biedermann, two German researchers, examined hundreds of newborn infants and concluded that, “an unhealthy spine at birth causes lowered resistance to infection, especially ear, nose, and throat infection.” Gutman, G., Blocked Atlantal Nerve Syndromes in Babies and Infants, Manuelle Medizin,1987

Trigeminal Neuralgia

Eric - Trigeminal Neuralgia

Trigeminal Neuralgia, aka tic douloureux (also known as the Suicide Disease) is a neuropathic disorder characterized by severe, debilitating facial pain, often described as one of the most debilitating diseases known.

“Before coming to Nagel Family Chiropractic and Wellness I had been dealing with a four-year battle with trigeminal neuralgia. During much of this time I was undiagnosed. This past winter I began to experience immense daily pain, often causing such side effects like dizziness, light-headedness, blurred vision, vertigo, and nausea. Lights, noises, and stress played a significant role in the severity of my symptoms.” After trying a variety of prescription medications (most of which did help symptoms but had adverse effects on my energy and concentration levels, I consulted Dr. Steve and began treatment on October 1st {2011}. Less than one week later, after only three treatments, I had experienced dramatic improvements. No longer do I dread bright rooms, no longer

After trying a variety of prescription medications (most of which did help symptoms but had adverse effects on my energy and concentration levels, I consulted Dr. Steve and began treatment on October 1st {2011}. Less than one week later, after only three treatments, I had experienced dramatic improvements. No longer do I dread bright rooms, no longer do i fear going out into the sunlight without sunglasses, no longer do i avoid loud environments, no longer do I feel like crawling into a dark, quiet room at 2:30 in the afternoon. After less than one month of treatment, my daily functioning has improved so dramatically that my work performance has shown significant improvement. As a special education teacher, rather than watching the clock for the end of the day, I find myself staying after school whenever the opportunity arises. In the past, I simply couldn’t put forth the effort required due to the strain I was constantly under because of the condition.

Becoming a patient at Nagel Family Chiropractic and Wellness has been a life and, perhaps, a career changing decision.

Child with ADHD, Avoidance of Eye Contact, Anxiety

Child, age 8, ADHD, Anxiety, Sensory Deficits, Avoiding Eye Contact

Since my son was one he showed very little eye contact, was a restless sleeper and couldn’t adapt to change. I often saw other people with children my sons age talking to their parents and wanting to interact with other kids by going to sleepovers and having friends over to play. My son worried too much to do these things and therefore wasn’t interested. At age 8 he was diagnosed with ADHD as he was struggling with attention to his homework and in the classroom. Medications helped some for a short period of time but I never felt good about giving them to my son and wanted to find a natural approach to helping him with his daily struggles.

I brought him to Dr. Steve and he took the time to listen to the difficulties that my son had and our wishes to try a natural approach. Dr. Steve was very informative about diet and chiropractic treatments that have worked for other children. Within 2 weeks of working with Dr Steve my son began looking at people when speaking, asking to have friends over and doing his homework. Over the past 3 months of taking my son to Dr Steve there has been wonderful changes in my son. I finally feel like I have a 9 year old that is enjoying being a kid.

Even though changes my son has had to make have been very difficult for him, he is making the choice to continue avoiding foods that have been eliminated and is asking to go to Dr. Steve for Chiropractic adjustments as he feels better.

Constipation, Chronic Headaches

Heidi - Constant headaches for years, constipation, unable to eat certain healthy foods (e.g. peppers)

Overall Wellness Care has been something I have been interested in for some time now. I was so happy to find Dr. Nagel and his approach to chiropractic care. The reason I first started coming to Dr. Nagel was to get relief from the headaches that I was suffering from but the results are far beyond what I expected.

Not only have my headaches completely disappeared, but thanks to his overall wellness approach I am now able to eat things that I was never able to before. I was having issues with digestion that I had no idea were treatable through chiropractic care. Dr. Nagel helped me to understand how my digestion can be directly tied to my spinal health.

My experience at Nagel Family Chiropractic has been nothing but exceptional. The care that I receive is outstanding in my opinion. Dr. Nagel is polite and courteous while making me feel like a person rather than just a patient. He always takes the time to answer any questions I may have about the care I am receiving.

Migraine Headaches

Amy - Migraine Headache

I was the 5 year old at extended daycare curled up on a beanbag with a cold cloth over my head. The “migraine kid” since kindergarten, my headaches have taken countless forms over my 27 years. They’ve forced me home from work, into bed for perfectly good Saturdays, through an MRI machine and even to the hospital for fluids. Add in a stressful job and I was seeing 2-3 a month, or worse, 2-3 headaches a week. After diet changes, lifestyle changes, Imitrex shots, regular exercise, preventative medication, vitamin therapies, expensive prescriptions, weeding out caffeine, red wine, and sulfites, even a food journal couldn’t pinpoint the triggers or stop the pain. (But don’t ask me to give up cheese… I’m a Wisconsin girl at heart!)

Chiropractic care was the only thing I had yet to try. And after working with Dr. Steve for two months, performing the exercises and stretches regularly, and following his advice to improve my nutrition, the difference is stark. I have not had a headache in 3 weeks. A personal record – and miracle, I believe! As a girl who ran her first marathon in October, I couldn’t run more than 4 miles during training without getting an exertion headache. After chiropractic care, my stride has improved, breathing is easier, my form is more relaxed and the endorphins are all I experience after a workout.

What impresses me most is Dr. Steve’s commitment to educating his patients through every step of the process. It’s more than just adjustments, it’s wellness. I’m still human, my bucket isn’t exactly rock-free, and the results aren’t always immediate. When I thanked Dr. Steve the other day after my appointment, he returned with a “Thank you for trusting me.” Then, I got it. Believing your life can change is half the battle. Trusting that a doctor cares enough to commit not to a prescription pad, but to the healing process alongside you – that’s the other half. If I hit four weeks migraine-free, I may even consider giving up cheese.

Fatigue, Post Pregnancy, Bladder Control, Bells Palsy, Anxiety

Stephanie - Fatigue, Post Pregnancy, Bladder Control, Bells Palsy, Anxiety

I’m not even sure where to start with how much this practice has changed my life in such a short amount of time. After my first visit, I left the office in joyful tears. I originally came to Dr. Steve to treat a diagnosis of Bell’s Palsy, a pinched facial nerve. The Dr. who diagnosed me admitted that antivirals and steroids were not proven to work but he was going to prescribe them anyway. It was a Saturday and I immediately called Dr. Steve’s office and left a message. Monday morning they called me right away and squeezed me in!! Those prescriptions stayed right on the paper and within a week with Dr. Steve, I was already seeing improved mobility in my face and sensation. I knew chiropractic care was about being adjusted to treat pain, but I had no idea how much it could influence your emotions and overall health. Along with Dr. Steve’s adjustments, I took his advice to read up on some Paleo lifestyle changes and have attended some classes. Being a full-time mother, full time employee, and full time student, I thought a steady diet of Coke and coffee was just the way it was supposed to be. After just a week of eating Paleo and about four weeks of adjustments with Dr. Steve, I noticed changes I wasn’t even expecting and to be honest, even surprised me. One I kind of expected and hoped for was going from instantly falling asleep as soon as my butt hit the couch after work to being able to work, come home and play with my daughter, do laundry and clean and even squeeze in some homework, without a 2-liter of coke J A very pleasant and unexpected change was how often I went to the bathroom!! After my pregnancy, I still had to pee almost every hour. I figured it was just something I had to live with. I didn’t even realize it at first, but after a month, I was finally able to drink a full glass of water and not have to run to the bathroom 20 minutes later. My friends no longer consider my need for bathroom breaks worse than their toddlers J Also, for years I had been battling anxiety and on medication to “cope” with it. Having been to many Drs and asking “WHY do I have anxiety?” and the response always being “Stress, lets teach you how to cope…” I gave up on finding an answer. Until Dr. Steve of course. The day I learned how your nervous system controls emotions also, I cried once again for I had finally been given the answer to “why” and I didn’t even have to ask!! Now, four weeks later, tapering off my anxiety medication I have never felt more calm and peaceful in my life. Nagel Family Wellness is so much more than a chiropractic office, at the risk of sounding cliché, it’s a better way of life! Thank you guys so much!!

5-Year Old Eye Strabismus and Unable to Sleep Through Night

Cora - 5 year old unable to sleep through the night, eye strabismus

Initially I brought my five year old daughter, Cora, To Dr. Steve as a last ditch effort to help treat her strabismus (cross eye) without resorting to surgery. She was born via vacuum assisted delivery and I believe the traction and force used on her head and neck to be the cause of her eye turning in. We had been told by many different people to seek chiropractic care for her to treat her eye. As a result we saw more than one chiropractor over the first four years of her life, but never saw any type of improvement. Cora had also become accustomed to the more forceful care the other chiropractors were using and had started to ask me to please not make her go. She told me that it hurt, and it was scary and she hated going. We had all but given up hope of treating her eye with anything less than surgery and very strong glasses.

Then I met Dr. Steve. We met through our local Crossfit affiliate and it came up that he was a Chiropractor. I explained that we had tried chiropractic care in the past and were maybe considering a new one for our daughter. I told him about her eye and how it turned in and how we had heard chiropractic care could help, but that we hadn’t seen results. He asked that we please not consider surgery for her eye without letting him take a look at her and seeing if he could help her. He was clear that he focused on overall health and wellness and not just treating aches and pains and that he loved working with children. I liked him, he seemed genuine and like he actually cared, so I decided to call his office that Monday. I am so grateful that I did.

We have seen dramatic improvement in her eye since she began receiving regular care from Dr. Steve. Her eye was noticeably straighter after only 3 adjustments. Even her grandparents noticed, and they had no idea she was receiving care. When she first started her left eye was almost completely buried in her nasal cavity unless she was wearing her glasses 100% of the time. After about 2 months of care she is able to keep her eyes straight and working together without her glasses for about 5 minutes. Before care they never worked together and the left eye immediately turned in. When her eyes begin to tire her left eye does start to turn in, but nowhere near as far as it was when we started.

We have also seen many other benefits since becoming regulars at the office. The night of her first adjustment she slept through the night for the first time EVER! At nearly five years old she had never slept more than 5 consecutive hours without waking up crying and distraught. Before we began care a good night was only one or two night wakings and a bad night was five or more. Needless to say I am ecstatic about her finally sleeping through the night! As a result of good chiropractic care and a good nights sleep she has far fewer temper tantrums and is a much happier and easy going child.

The very best thing about coming to see Dr. Steve is that Cora ADORES him! He treats her with such kindness and respect. He’s fun and kind. The techniques he uses are very gentle; she has never complained that it hurts or that its scary! He makes sure that he talks to her and not about her and that she is an active participant in her care.
I couldn’t be happier with the amazing care that has been provided to my daughter. Dr. Steve has been a true blessing. I would highly recommend anyone seeking a better quality of life, for themselves, their children or anyone they love, to make an appointment with Dr. Steve so that they can see the miracles first hand! I could never thank him enough for all he has done for us.

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