180 Health Solutions always appreciates feedback from our valued patients. To date, we’re thrilled to have collected 20 reviews with an average rating of 5 out of 5 stars. Please read what others are saying about 180 Health Solutions below, and as always, we would love to collect your feedback.

"Since started the program I have lost 80lbs, had my blood pressure lower from high to the bottom of the normal range, and am no longer prediabetic. I have never weighed my current weight middle school when I reached my full height. I can now lift more weight than I have ever lifted and can run a mile in 8 minutes, 20 seconds, which I had not done since football in high school. My pant size went from a 40 to a 30, shirt size from a XXL to a medium, and have had to get three new belts. The best part is that I can now run around after my children, my mood has improved, and my children, wife, and parents (who started a new diet after hearing about my success) are eating healthier, though not as strict as I am. My own mother tells me she has to do a double-take when she looks at me because she does not recognize me. I have been told I have lost 15 years in looks. I have even been mistaken for a high school student at the school in which I work. I have never felt as good physically and emotionally than I do now. If given the chance to join 180 Weight Loss Solutions, I would strongly recommend it. It is for anyone who wants to be healthier, happier, and enjoy the things that really make life great."

- Michael P.

"Working with Dr. Nagel and Sommer has been a rewarding experience. They have given me the tools to change my lifestyle for the better. The amount of positive reinforcements was very much appreciated when I struggled. They have started me down a path of healthy living for myself and my family."

- Darrell W.

"Women, by nature, are caretakers but sometimes we need to reach out for help to be the best version of ourselves. 180 did this & so much more! This isn’t just a weight loss program...it’s a way of life. My coach Sommer was the key component in my success. I have learned how & what I need to eat to be healthier & successful. Aging is inevitable...but suffering w/ chronic diseases is completely under your control. I learned through starting the program, that the cause of my osteoarthritis pain was caused from inflammation when I ate gluten. I’m forty-something;) & just passed my first complete physical with absolutely no issues...my doctor said to keep doing whatever I’m doing! I definitely recommend this program...you owe it yourself to become a healthier, happier version of yourself; for you, your family, your health...the weight loss is just a bonus:)"

- Marie M.

"Working with Sommer has changed my way of life to get healthier. Being a father of 3 kids and learning how to cook healthier for them and me has been a challenge that we are over coming. We are all more active together as a family."

- Brian S.

"My experience with the 180 program has been simply amazing! I got the results I wanted. I’m a busy mom and business owner and frankly didn’t feel sexy. Well I got my sexy back and just as importantly I’m TRULY healthier. I also have powerful tools that I can use should I need them. The support from Dr. Nagel and Sommer has been amazing. My questions and concerns got answered and the support kept me going. I also learned a lot about myself in this process. Without hesitation I would recommend this program. I had tried many different things / programs and I was skeptical this would work for me. It met and exceeded my expectations. The support is phenomenal- Just do it! For yourself and your loved ones!!"

- Jennifer H.

"Dr. Steve has helped my tremendously! Very friendly staff!"

- Angel S.

'Very good & take care"

- Mary C.

"Great to work with. The support staff is help and friendly. Very family orientated ."

- Dan B.

"Always a great experience working with Dr Steve and team. I am glad to have them playing a vital role in my overall health management."

- Sean J.

"It is amazing how much this has helped my health. I have reduced my asthma medication to almost zero meds. All other health conditions are gone also. If you want to feel better go see Dr. Steve Nagel."

- Sadra G.

"Absolutely Dr. Steve is knowledgeable and the best about the whole body and how he can help. He also teaches me about myself. I totally recommend him to others of all ages, birth to elderly, it's never too late to work on feeling healthier. He and his staff are always kind and helpful to me. I give him my full trust. He solved my leg pain when many others could not for years."

- Sheryl E.

"I’m just starting my new health change, and I’m super excited to see everyone so positive. I can’t stand putting fast food in my system, I typically eat heathy just too much. Getting on the right track will be a 180;) but I think I can do it!"

- Alysha B.

"I accompanied my husband to the orientation meeting after signing up for the 180 Weight Loss program and everything Dr. Steve said made so much sense. We are not built to handle processed foods. Our bodies do not know what to do with high fructose corn syrup. It just saves it in our fat stores. Stevia, however, is from a plant. Years and years ago our ancestors ate what they could gather - which meant plants. Our bodies can process plants and use them for energy. They did not get their food from factories and laboratories. Their meat was wild without antibiotics and growth hormones. We eat what our food has eaten. Dr. Steve has a wealth of knowledge. My husband has lost 19 pounds since starting September 1, 2017."

- Danielle S.

"My husband & I started the True Weight Loss program mid-May. Like anything at first, especially changing a eating style can be a little hard. Each day has gotten easier & has made us more creative when preparing food. Together we have lost a total of 91 lbs!!!! We feel Great!!! We are so very happy to have found 180 Weight Loss Solutions!!!! THANKS TO SOMMER AND DR. STEVE for helping us!!"

- Ruby H.

"The Team at 180 is amazing! Dr. Steve is a top notch chiropractor, I have been seeing chiropractors since I was in grade school and have never been to one like him! And Sommer is awesome to work with as a weight loss coach and makes the program super easy, I am on day 78 and in phase 2 of the program and have lost 57lbs!! Not once have I went hungry, the program is super easy to follow and is more about setting yourself up to make better decisions for the rest of your life than it is about short term weight loss like just about every other plan out there. The short term results are quick and easy but the long term effects on your health is what really sets them apart."

- Carl G.

"Just started the program and have found success only after 5 days! My coach has been helpful and an encouragement. I could not be more pleased."

- David B.

"I didn't know what to expect when i walked in the door but the staff made me feel at ease and were very helpful and friendly. I learned alot in just the first meeting, and i am excited to learn more as i go threw this journey."

- Craig S.

'Everyone is so caring and kind. Very patient and accommodating."

- Rita H.

"Very informative and professional."

- Kay E.

'Very friendly, welcoming and informative"

- Valerie T.

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